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A Raiding update! - A change to times!

Scarydave / Aug 02, 2017
This is just a small post to update everyone on a few changes recently in the guild!

First of all, the raid times this week have changed to 2030-0000 Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday.

If this is a major problem for anybody, please let an officer know and we will see what we can do to help!

The guild made great progress into Tomb of Sargeras so far, managing to clear normal, and get to 8/9 in Heroic Difficulty, with plans to start mythic this week or next.

We have also started streaming every raid:

Even though we have a VERY strong roster at the moment we currently have recruiting open for

1) Ranged DPS

2) Healers

3) 1 Non DK Tank

This is to keep the roster / reserves / class switching for mythic progression competitive and fresh!

Congratulations to the 2 Promotions since the last post:

Listic has re-assumed the position of healing officer!

Thamben was promoted to Recruiting officer!

This leaves the officer team as follows:

Scarydave- Scarydave#2853 - Guild Master

Ryan - Redwolf#2425 - Raid Leader

Hinami - Hinami#21103 - Optimization and Online Officer.

Thamben - Thamben#2713 -Main Tank and Recruiting officer

Listic - Arkari#2715 - Healing officer.

Many Thanks




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