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Recruiting Officer Position.

Scarydave / May 26, 2017
What are we looking for

We are looking for an officer to take over recruitment full time. Your main duty is recruit for the raid team. Applicants for this position should have
some idea as to what they are looking for in players we are trying to recruit. This is not specifically looking for classes as that may exclude exceptional
players from applying to the guild, just keep it vague as to ranged dps/healers whatever we are in need of. The player who undertakes this role should
be social and play with people and/or help them. This includes doing activities such as m+ to try and keep players interested and keep them within
the guild.

What you will be doing

You as a recruitment officer will be searching for new players to increase the progress of the raid team. This can be achieved in multiple ways by going
to the forum/wowprogress and looking for people who may be searching for a guild who we can try and entice them to join us. You should also be trying
to keep the environment in the guild friendly with a moderate use of the cunt button if we have toxic behavior from certain people *cough*stefan*cough*
You should also keep track of those you recruit by using guild notes to keep track of peoples alts.

How to check if a player is right

As the recruitment officer you should be searching for raid ready members. Alot of players like to think they are ready which it is easy to check by either
checking their logs or doing some content with them. You should be able to spot if a player is a hindrance on the team or the guild and take appropriate action.
A players attitude is also what makes them suitable for the guild as you can't take things too serious to be part of our raid team as sometimes we will
stumble or mess around.

Why this role is important?

We want a big enough roster that we can still field a full group when vacations and personal absences line up poorly, but we don’t want a roster so big that we have
10 raiders sitting on the bench every fight. We want to be raiding every week without having to cancel due to people not turning up or not being able to come as we
have had to do in the past. We all want to raid but sometimes we just don't have the members which with mythic being set to 20 people only can cause a lot of issues
for us. This is why we want an officer dedicated to filling up the guild with more trials and bench for when we have people eventually leave we do not simply stop raiding.

The perfect applicant

The perfect applicant for this role should be someone who can socialize with anyone online, they should have an in depth knowledge of the class they are playing and
be able to change spec to do activities outside of raids with people in the guild i.e. changing to tank to do some mythic+. The applicant should be fluent in English
both reading and writing. You should be checking on the forum posts you make daily, update all the relevant websites with information regarding recruitment.
You will keep the officers/raid leaders informed of any new trials you accept into the guild and let us know where they need improvement.

Please apply via Forum post on this website :)


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