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Scarydave / Jul 24, 2016
Hey there guys!!

Hopefully by now you've noticed the LEGION PREPATCH IS HERE!!

For the prospective legion raider, this is the perfect time to REALLY get to know the class / spec you intend to make your main for legion raiding!!

I'm gonna give you a few links here, to help anyone that wishes to learn their class rotations, and research more on the game as a whole!

ICY-VEINS - Use this to keep your rotation up to scratch, and MAXIMISE your class potential.

NOXXIC - Here you can find what kind of damage your class is capable of, and also rankings of what DPS specs are doing the most damage overall. (always remember these get changed by hotfixes regularly, so dont switch class or anything drastic!)

WOW-PROGRESS - Use this to check the CURRENT Rankings for PvE Progression, Hopefully we shall see <Leviathan> at the top of this list soon!

MMO-CHAMPION - Here is the best place to keep up to date with upcoming changes, and keeps track of blizzard posts on forums to always keep you in the loop!

Using all of these, you can maximize your play style, and learn to be an asset to ANY raiding team.

Talking of the Legion raid team ... We have a few people already looking at certain roles, although at the moment nobody is confirmed a spot on the raid team, we dont want to disappoint anyone either!

For this reason i would like to add a side note, that MOST melee/tank positions are spoken for, so for the best chance at raiding i would recommend ranged DPS or Healing.

Thanks for reading this, and dont hesitate to contact me ingame, or on the guild Teamspeak if you need any help!



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