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<Leviathan> Tarren Mill EU - Horde - Est. 13-5-2016.

We aim to be a cutting edge mythic raiding guild, with a separated social side, to maintain a great multi-game community, and a place you can always look forward to logging in.


Teamspeak: Leviathan.TS.IO

What you can expect from us?

We strive to help all raiders that prove themselves reliable. We have officers with multiple alts who can help you do certain content but you have to remember officers are players too and cannot always be online to help you. We supply gems and enchants to any of the raiders who may of forgotten or just got a new item but we will not help you if you turn up for raids with 3+ Gear faults we will not help you with item enhancements as this will show us you are not 100% commited.

What we expect from you?

We expect all raiders to turn up with enough flasks to last the duration of the raid. You should always turn up with Defiled augment runes no matter what raid it is, They are not expensive to buy and pretty easy to farm. Food is a must have in all raids for the duration of the raid, if it is progress you should be prepared with more than you will need as you will use quite a bit. You need to have the potion your class/spec benefits from the most for every raid, 2 are to be used on every pull so you must be prepared with alot for progress. If you find the auction house is too expensive we have crafters in the officer team who together share most of the rank 3 potions and all of the rank 3 flasks.

As raid nights run from 8pm we expect you to be online and ready for an invite at 7.45 Server time. This gives us time to prepare the raid setup for the raid we are entering. If you turn up late you will lose your spot to someone who was online at the time of invites going out unless you have specified to an officer you will be late but even then your spot is never guaranteed.


Hinamii- Alchemist
Jahanum- Enchanter
Listic- Enchanter and jewelcrafter
Scarydave- Alchemist
Khorneholio - Enchanter

You need to be 18+, and act it :smiley: This isn't "maturity" in the sense of "strictly no childish behaviour" -
where would the fun be in that? - but there needs to be respect underneath the banter, you need to know where the line is and NEVER cross it.
If you have outspoken views that could be contrived as contraversial then we would advise you to keep them to yourself. This includes Racism,
times. BUT if you are making comments to specifically demeen someones position within the guild or make a person even feel that they are not welcome
here- We have a zero tolerance on these issues and you will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Hardcore "server first" level skill not required, but we can only progress because everyone on the team is an experienced
raider or willing to learn to excell at their class. We have officers who's job it is to help out any members who need it
BUT we will not go round looking for you, if you are wanting to learn and improve you talk to an officer to see who can help you.
If you are not performing as well as we know you can on a constant basis and do not look to improve then we will have no choice but
to look for someone to take your spot who is willing to do what we ask.

There are many different methods of getting better at your class/role.
Youtube guides are a really good way of picking up on things to better improve yourself.
- Preach is a really good person to watch when you are looking on improving. - kelani is also a good channel for quick guides for boss fights - Fatboss are a world ranked guild who do indepth guides for learning bosses

Discord class channels are a good way of learning new things as there are people on there who will go through your logs, stat priority,
rotation and be able to tell you where you are going wrong and where you can improve.


Death Knight:

Demon Hunter:











You need to sign up to 80%+ of raids and turn up to 100% of the raids you've signed up for, that's obvious when trying
to push futher into mythic. We don't expect you to play 40+ hours a week to be able to keep up but we do expect you to
put a reasonable amount of time into your own character and personal development.

We understand that life can get in the way sometimes and so we can keep track of if you are not turning up and getting a
replacement in we do ask that you keep intouch. This is not really a big ask considering most people have a mobile phone with the
capability of downloading discord and sending officers a message on there. If you do not let us know you are missing a raid you are
holding 19 other people back if we have not prepared properly for your absense.

Loot is distributed by the means of an addon called RCLootCouncil. this is to assure fairness amongst the whole raid. Officers in the raid are the ones with the decision to give loot out, this is not based on our friendships with certain members. It is all about performance, if you are performing to a decent standard you will always be considered for an upgrade wether you have been here a month or a year. The reason we use a loot master/council system is to assure the proper people are getting geared and filling full time spots. It is a system that has to be used when all raiders are not at the same sort of skill level within a raid when we are in mythic it will be phased out as the team progresses together and everyone performs at a level where it will not matter where the gear goes as it will benefit the team as a whole.

There are multiple different officer roles within the guild. As we are a social guild with a raiding team there is a difference in the officers you will see online. There are 3 different types of officers which perform specific tasks within the raid team/guild.

The Guild Master
Scarydave is there for the day to day running of the guild, encompassing multiple roles but if he doesn't know or hasn't got the authority to advise you then he will deffer you to the correct officer.

Raid Officer:
Listic - Healing officer- Listics main duty is to keep ontop of the healers and advise them where they can use cooldowns better or how their positioning may be wrong, If you are a healer and you feel you are underperforming, speak to listic and he will help you as much as he can unless he reffers you onto someone with more experience in the type of help you need.

Hinami - Ranged officer- Hinami's main role within the raid team is to keep ontop of the performance of ranged within the raid and work with Dave to make calls for ranged within certain boss encounters.

Raid Leaders:
Jahanum - Raid leader- Jahanum's main duty is to ensure the raid goes ahead, any problems you should try speak to another raid officer before bringing problems onto the raid leaders shoulders as they have alot to worry about with just getting a raid sorted and not letting 15+ people down.

Redbeef - Raid leader/Performance officer- Red's duties mostly involve raid leading on progressive fights as the atmosphere is more serious when he has took the reins. Red will also help any members who come to him specifically for help on improving their game, he knows how to analyze your logs and give you the most suited advice to your situation.

Social officer:
Khorneholio - Social officer- Khorne's main role within the guild is to make sure the social side is running smoothly, if you feel there is not enough being done for socials within the guild speak to khorne and dave and they will see how they can accomodate the socials with alt runs or something to keep your time occupied.
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